I'm Somewhat new to bee keeping tried it a few times in the past.Not so much luck then,not looking so good now either lol
I ordered 2 3lb packages of bees about 12 days installed bees into 2 hives.Been feeding syrup and pollen patties. Inspected hive 3 times since putting package in .First time to make sure queen was released and if foundation was being pulled. Checked on hive about 5 days ago signs of eggs being laid and pollen being stored along with syrup.Open up hive today pulled 2nd frame out signs of more drawed foundation pulled 3rd frame out looked like a queen cell (wax shaped peanut) capped off.Saw queen on bottom screen laying on her side picked her up she was almost dead.There was signs of very few larva in hive no eggs that I could see.
What would be the best option?
This is risky but do the bees have time to survive and hope one queen cell hatches?
Order new queen for hive.
Combine two hives last resort.
any other options that I'm overlooking that might be helpful to a newbie beekeeper
Thanks for your help
From here in NC