A little background;

I am not sure what exactly is going on with my hive. It is located on an organic farm. Within the last two weeks we have had some severe wind and rain. I checked the hive today and within the last two weeks the bees have eaten (or done away with) nearly a super and two deeps worth of honey (the deeps were brood boxes so maybe 4 frames each full of honey). There are plenty of bees and brood. What is bothering me is that there are tons of wildflowers out and for us here in central Texas this is basically spring. The bees should be storing honey right? Also, on the inner cover on the underside there was a small covering of mold. I attribute this to the heavy rain and humidity. At this point I just don't know if I should start supplementing them with sugar water or what may have caused this. I had planned to split this hive soon as by the numbers it is quite large. Now I don't know. I visually observed a steady stream of bees returning full of pollen for hours this morning.

Some other information; The hive is a year old, last year I harvested 60lbs of honey from it and left it close to 100lbs of honey for winter which they hardly put a dent in. The queen is marked, clipped and still laying. Thanks for everyone's help.