Made splits from a friends hives yesterday. All was fine n dandy until we got in the bottom box of the strongest hive. We had protective gear on, thankfully, because they went from normal to ticked in 5.2. My friend who was on the other end of the barn about 75-100 feet away began to get guarded. Next thing you know she had several head bumping her and getting caught in her hair. Long story short, she took about 30 stings. Likewise, the two of us working the hives were getting headbutted pretty bad, which had no effect due to our Veils. But we began to walk away and kept walking, and walking, and walking, out in the field about half a football field distance away and about 15 bees chased us the whole way. This is only my second spring but my gut tells me these bees are too hot. To be honest I was thinking requeen, they aren't my hives but if asked to help, I would be scared to. Yesterday we didn't visualize either queen, but both hives had tons of eggs. We did smoke liberally. I would imagine they will want to leave them alone for a while, but my questions are:
1: what would you do next?
2: will the daughter queens be mean?
Thanks in advance for your help.