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    Default swarm trapping? # of frames?

    I got a 3 nucs and two deeps set up to catch swarms. Lemongrass oil and old brood frames. I only got so much old brood comb. I used some for my splits as so forth. My question, is it ok to use only one old brood frame and undrawn foundation in each swarm trap? Would I be better off using all old brood frame, no new foundation and just having a couple of traps?

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    Default Re: swarm trapping? # of frames?

    Yep. The smell from the old comb is what draws them to investigate.

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    Default Re: swarm trapping? # of frames?

    >I only got so much old brood comb.

    That is the wailing wall of swarm trappers. "I don't got enough old combs!! Waa Waa waaaa...". I put some foundations in my traps this year both to capture a swarms comb build power and to give me more time to deal with them. Worked fine, but I put at least three combs in each.


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