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    Default First new season where the bees actually LIVED...

    Checked my bees: The hive that did NOT die of idiot-induced dysentery is doing very well indeed. They are all busy on the top though... should I still reverse the deeps? Do I want the cluster on the top or bottom during the spring?

    Also, I want to purchase a queen and give my other hives some bees to get up and running. Since I haven't done it before, when is it safe to divvy up my bees without weakening the original hive too much?

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    Default Re: First new season where the bees actually LIVED...

    If I understand you, you want to do a split of your current hive, right?
    Then wait until they produce enough to cover 8 frame of bees. Then do a split so the original hive can
    raise some queens for you.
    In spring time it is better to give your hive extra space so they not want to do a swarm. And continue to grow
    their hive. So go ahead to reverse the hive at this moment after the snow had melted. The cluster at the bottom
    will expand when it warm up more later on.

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    Default Re: First new season where the bees actually LIVED...

    If all the brood is in the top box, you can reverse now. If the brood is divided between the two boxes don't reverse, just leave it the way it is.


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