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    I've only got 5 hives. 2 packaged bees from last year. 3 hives that I have had for several years. The way I work, I don't stand much of a chance catching a swarm from my bees. I have never executed a split. I have been reading & watching several you tube videos about making splits. I may try it this week. Sure hate to lose my swarms. These hives are full. Another thing, the swarm traps. Are the odds pretty good of catching a swarm from my bees with a swarm trap if I don't split. I picked up some lemongrass oil last week. Was thinking about making me a couple of traps to see if I could catch a swarm. I'm sure it would be a better chance to split the hives than hoping a swarm goes in the trap. Just wondering if the odds are pretty good of a swarm going to the trap. How far away should I hang a trap from me current hives? I am not really trying to increase for more hives. I just know they will swarm and I will have them. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tony,

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    Many beekeepers are on swarm control this past 2 weeks or so all over the country esp. in warmer regions. The reality is you have
    to catch a swarm or 2 depending on how far they swarm. Either open up the hive or do a split to prevent swarming. A swarm trap
    may or may not catch your swarm. So it is a 50/50 situation if you put some out. A split is better to be able to manage them if you
    know they will be swarming any time soon.
    Increase or not is not the beekeeper's concern here. It is the bees who decide to do this and multiply their hives for better survival.
    It has nothing to do with the beekeeper. Bees do this naturally at all the right conditions.
    So go ahead to put hive traps at your current location. Some say half mile while other say the next available tree. Since we don't
    know how exactly your bees choose their new home, it is a hard answer to give. But never hurt to try, right.
    I still say to do a split to prevent any extra works later on. See these posts about swarm to learn more. I did a lot!


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