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Thread: Honey frames?

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    Default Honey frames?

    Ok last year i built my beeyard up with bee's we are getting ready for the flow to start and i have my hives with 2 deeps and the cells are 4.9 i want to put 5.1 cell frames for honey but all are new should i put the whole honey deeps right on top?
    And should i pull honey frames from the hives that had alot of honey left from last year as soon as the flow starts .
    I have 3 hives that are just busting with bees .the queens has room to lay but theres alot of honey left from last year.
    I'm trying to be a good beekeeper not have any swarms. Any help is appreciated
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    Glock, having 3 booming hives that overwinter means you are a good keeper already. I have no doubt about it.
    We need to know that the bees have an urge to swarm just like us when the time comes. So swarm is normal for them. They swarm to multiply to ensure the survival of their specie. Does not mean we are a good or bad beekeeper when they swarm. Just to get that point clear here.
    So yes to all of the above. It is better after you take out the honey and give the same frames back to them for more honey harvest from the flow. Maybe later on you can convert everything to large cell frames for the honey. It takes time to build so I don't want
    you to miss the flow.

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    Default Re: Honey frames?

    If you pull your existing small cell honey from the brood nests you will either have to replace them with foundation or extract them and put them back. Either way they will probably fill the brood nest frames back up before they will move up into boxes full of foundation.

    If the brood nests are honey bound - inadequate brood area - because of the old honey, then I would extract it and return the combs for brood. Otherwise I would leave it - you want to end the season with plenty of stores in the brood boxes anyway.

    I would assume that since you want small cell brood and 5.1 honey that you will use an excluder. They will go through the excluder to draw foundation during a flow, but not before the brood boxes are Full. You will probably have to cut down swarm cells weekly for a while to accomplish it.

    If you were doing all small cell you would have other options.
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