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    Default swarm control-checkerboarding

    I have been managing my hives by going through them and if I see queen cups/swarm cells I pull the frame and do a split; move the frames around to open up the brood nest with drawn frame. I let the bees tell me what to do. I started March 2, 3/16, 3/23, 3/29, and 4/6. My swarm season tends to be this week and next week. I saw some succession cells/cups today and left those frames alone. Out of respect to the neighbors, to maximize honey production, I want to minimize swarming. At this juncture; should I just leave everything alone and hope for the best or do I go through one more inspect? I have about 7 hives so it is a reasonable amount of work to do the inspects etc. I expect no matter what I do something is going to swarm; but would like it to be a minimum.

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    Default Re: swarm control-checkerboarding

    If swarm time is upon you, likely you've done what you can.

    According to Walt Wright, checkerboarding needs to be done quite some time before swarms appear, on the order of six or eight weeks or lat January in your location.

    No matter what you do, some hives are gonna swarm, but I suspect you've done well. I'm trying checkerboarding this year along with reversals, which is what most people do here, and on my brother's hive we are going to do a cut-down split since he want's more hives.


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    Default Re: swarm control-checkerboarding

    Quote Originally Posted by paul4168 View Post
    I expect no matter what I do something is going to swarm;
    You have that exactly right.


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