Today, here in Kentucky, we had an awesome 72 degree day, full sun, slight breeze. Just a lovely day! A friend has two booming hives we planned to take three splits from, and we did. Two for her, and one for me, for helping and giving her some extra frames and foundation! Yes, a great trade! My four frames, including varying stages of brood appropriate for rearing a queen, went into a five frame nuc. Entrance stuffed, lid ratcheted down, we headed to the orchard where my other hive is. About 15 miles or so away so no worry about drifting. I added sugar water via top feeder and let them be.

1: Question is, I meant to add a fifth empty frame, and forgot. During the ride, the four frames may have shifted...not sure. How worried should I be about not having the fifth frame in there? Should I throw it in tomorrow, or would it be better not to bother them? I didn't know if them building in the extra space would be worse or if opening a recent split would be worse?

2: about how long would you all wait to move the frames into a 10 frame deep? Obviously after the new queen hatches and mates, but what do you typically do?

I feel like I'm over analyzing sometimes but I like to have experienced advice/reassurance!

Thank you all......