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    Default First inspection complete and went pretty darned good! (no ?'s, just excited)

    Well, because I originally asked on how detailed of a first inspection I felt that I should update.

    I did a quick check with a solitary goal of looking for eggs (keeping my eye out for the queen, pollen stores etc). I didn't smoke them to give me a better chance to see the queen. I started both hives last Saturday on foundation with packages. I've been feeding them from the supplied can and my own sugar water (3:2). I pulled frames (held over the hive) with the majority of bees on them to give me the best chance at finding eggs sooner.

    I didn't see any pollen stores yet, but have seen some coming in nor did I find the queens. Out of the past 8 days five of them have been cool and rainy.

    Hive 1- Queen was out of her cage 2.5 days after install. I didn't see any eggs but did see a fair amount of syrup stored. About 4 days into it I did see several on the front porch, facing the entrance fanning the hive. It was more warm than previous days but far from hot. I hope it wasn't a "Hey come back here queen" move.

    Hive 2- The workers attempted to get the queen out, evident by candy that was eaten. However she couldn't get out due to dead workers in her cage so I pulled the cork, reset the cage and came back several hours later to an empty cage. This hive goes through twice as much sugar/water as Hive1 and it shows with more comb and more bees in the hive. I waited 30 minutes between installs to help alleviate drifting but I'm guessing they drifted after all. I also saw, what I would bet money on, were a chunk of eggs laid already.

    I'll give them another quick check next weekend and if I don't see eggs yet in Hive1 I might consider hitting the panic button.
    Just an excited, new beek with a lot to learn. But with so much going on in the hive, will that ever change?

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    Default Re: First inspection complete and went pretty darned good! (no ?'s, just excited)

    Sounds like your hooked! Welcome to beekeeping!

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    Default Re: First inspection complete and went pretty darned good! (no ?'s, just excited)

    Consider moving a frame or two of brood/fresh eggs from the strong to the weak. That will help build numbers and if needed, provide eggs for supercedure in the event the queen is not up to snuff.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


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