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    Big Grin Good chuckle

    Well it was Friday after work and I was at my local watering hole getting therapy ...
    Anyway I had 1/3 of my first cocktail consumed and I get a call from a friend that is a beek about a swarm in his back yard and it is mine if I come get it. So I pay my tab finish my cocktail and boogie home to gather gear, the on to his house. Well I get there and it is a nice 3 lb, ball in his peach tree. Well it turns out the swarm is his package of bees he installed last Sat. into a TBH. So I capture and put them back in the hive for him and advise him to put a pollen patty in too.
    However the best part is that this was my friend that rode up to Navasota with me to pick up the bees last Sat. This will be good for years.
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    Great story. lol

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    I'd ask for a payment of a cocktail for the good deed lucky him !!


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