Hey folks,

I have been beekeeping for 10 months now and am getting a little frustrated. One thing is that we have had a cold spring here in middle GA and the bees are expanding at a snails pace. Or, maybe I'm just impatient.

Here's what happened today. I went into my hives to check them out. The queen from hive 4 was removed due to bad temperament on March 20. A new queen was put in on March 21. About March 27 (don't have my notebook handy) she was released from the cage. She had been in one of those push in cages that goes over the comb. She was accepted and began laying. Today I open hive 4 and find 4-5 queen cells. I look around and I see all stages of brood, even some eggs that look like they were laid this morning. I keep looking but cannot find the queen. Then, purely by accident, I see a virgin queen walking around. Today has been exactly 17 days since the old queen was removed.

My theory: During the queen introduction process I failed to remove all of the queen cells that they made. Today or yesterday, that queen cell hatched and they threw out my nice new queen. I'm going to let them be. I hate that her genetics are going to be the same as the old one that had a bad attitude, but I really don't want to try to requeen them again. It's frustrating because all I really ended up doing was setting them back a few weeks on buildup and I'm trying my best to get them ready for the nectar flow.