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    Hello All,
    Yesterday I captured my first swarm. It was from my own bees and they made a huge swarm in a nearby peach tree. To be brief, I boxed them up in a new deep super, waited until dark, then placed the hive in it's permanent location (about 10-12 feet from original hive (maybe too close?). My main question is: What is going on today (behavior-wise) in the new colony (the captured swarm)? What is the likelihood of them staying? I put them on 10 frames of foundation and also fed them and will feed them again today. Started out yesterday with a couple of baggies of syrup for overnight, they will need a better feeding arrangement today.

    I plan to inspect the "old" hive today.

    Also, the swarm hive is very busy outside the entrance this morning. It is supposed to be a very nice, warm day. Do caught swarms exhibit lots of activity at the entrance right away or might they be planning another trip?

    Thanks for any help!

    Yes, stung twice capturing the swarm...LOL
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