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    Default Second time cut-out in water meter box

    My second experience in trying to save a colony is complete. all the combs broke off when I lifted the lid. I could not find the queen, but I have more hope for this attempt/ The brood had empty comb on each side of about 5 combs of brood. There were a LOT of bees and brood in all stages. This time, I allowed some time for the majority of the bees to get back on the comb, in the tray. Then i bounced the meter box lid to get more and finished off scooping handfuls of bees out of the hole. We got them over to my Top Bar Hive where I wired 5 combs of brood onto as many bars. I then left a large opening in the center - about 3 bars - and bounced what may be 2000 to 3000 bees into the opening and closed it up with three bars. Now it's up to nature. Some rebuild and it's back to work for this colony. Some of the combs were a little big, but I'm sure they will have good access. This time the bees stayed close to the hive and didn't stray away like last time. We were also hit with our last late freeze last time. I loaded a short movie my wife made before it was time for her to scram. You can see it at:

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    Default Re: Second time cut-out in water meter box

    Looks like fun! A vacuum comes in handy for those bees that do not come out easily. I hope you find the queen.
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