The link here goes to a video-report from an Ontario based TV station. In the interview, bee-farmer Bill Ferguson says he lost huge numbers of bees to neonicotinoids. There are widespread reports from all over Ontario of similar bee kills.

Ontario beekeepers are calling on the federal and provincial governments to beef up regulations for spraying pesticides on crops to protect their hives. The call comes after 2013’s season came with a devastating loss of honey-producing beehives with bee yards in Ontario reporting losses of up to 90 per cent.Bill Ferguson is a beekeeper near Hensall, Ont. and the long-time apiarist finds himself leading a charge to get crop farmers to stop using a pesticide believed to be responsible for killing millions of hives across North America in 2013

But beekeepers are not expecting much improvement this year unless there are wholesale changes in the use of pesticides.

Ferguson says “Best management and practices that they put forward are just feel-good information…the only thing that's going to correct the situation is absolutely stop using it in the massive way they are.”
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