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    Default Missed Swarm in Springfield Mo.

    First swarm call ever. In Springfield Mo. Around 2:25, 4/7/2013. I was not ready, so I had to go borrow a new supper from a friend and drive 1/2 hr to receive another call just as we locate the street that they took off. No sign other than a few stragglers clinging to the tree. (Mostly drones.)
    I should have called a club member that was closer. But BEE FEVER took over. I don't get my nucs till next Sat.
    I will be loading the cars in the morning.

    Hoot Owl Lane Bees

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    Default Re: Missed Swarm in Springfield Mo.

    Better luck next time Jim, I've had that happen several times. Swarm season is about to start in our area so you'll get another chance. Checked some of my northern bee yards 60 miles north of me yesterday and should have taken supers with me, they are booming.Got to get back up there with supers and set some swarm traps. See you next club meeting. Jack

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    Default Re: Missed Swarm in Springfield Mo.

    Had that happen ONCE when I wasn't ready when I first started. Now, I'm ready for swarm and cutout calls around Feb. lol


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