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    Default Two larvae in one queen cup?

    Ok so after a split, nearly a month later, I'm seeing supersedure cells with larvae in them. This is a first for me (only new to being a beek), so I saw at the bottom of one cell two larvae, I didn't get a photo as the nurse bees were VERY busy feeding them, but this sketch is what I saw: Clearly two larvae, but how? The larvae were ~1.5mm in length at the time. this cell is on another frame and is WAY more developed and as you'd expect singularly occupied.

    Anyway later today after the clouds break up some more I'll try to get a photo to confirm what is going on...... This was taken an hour or so ago, really hard to tell, but I'm sure this is the double occupancy queen cell, pity the photo doesn't show much of anything at all.
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