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    Default does my hive have a diaease?

    Please help me, would you be concerned with what is shown in the pics?

    I did a sugar shake mite count and had four mites in a half cup of bees.

    The hive has been steadily growing and getting heavier this spring. I have seen egg in the brood chamber every time I have checked the hive. They have been drawing out brood comb consistently. This hive survived from a very small swarm from lastApril.

    I see quite a few of what looks like bees larva pulled out in the mornings and these bees with deformed wings walking around the rocks outside the hive. You can see in one picture a larvae with big red eyes and the bees appeared to be cleaning the larvae rather than dragging it out as iexpected.

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    Default Re: does my hive have a diaease?

    Looks like a DWV to me. Although sometimes you will see a few bees with wing issues and it won't be DMV. You could have a mite issue. Not sure how accurate the sugar shake is.
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    Default Re: does my hive have a diaease?

    do an alcohol wash for a mite count - I bet you will find that you have a heavy varroa load


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