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    Default feeding bees SUCANAT

    Has anyone any experience feeding their bees Sucanat. (sugar cane juice dehydrated at low temperatures)

    Seems like if it were re-hydrated it would be the equivalent to the original raw cane plant sap. I would think that would be good for the bees.

    any thoughts?

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    Default Re: feeding bees SUCANAT

    Haven't considered due to the cost.

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    Default Re: feeding bees SUCANAT

    Raw sugar contains many solids that the bees are unable to digest. Molasses being just one of several that will cause the bees digestive troubles. There have been many threads discussing this issue.

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    Default Re: feeding bees SUCANAT

    Welcome to Beesource!

    Joseph Clemens is correct. Here's more info on that issue:
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    Default Re: feeding bees SUCANAT

    Nectar consists pretty much of water, sugar (usually sucrose, but can contain glucose and fructose) and very small amounts of amino acids, small peptides maybe, and essential oils. Bees get all their other nutritional needs met by pollen.

    Anything but pure sugar syrup is bad news for feeding. The best thing to use is pure cane or beet sugar (99% sucrose) with maybe some apple cider vinegar or essential oils like HoneyBee Healthy added, nothing else. Tea, plant extracts, unrefined sugar, and other substances will cause trouble because bees never contact them naturally.

    Powdered sugar usually contains cornstarch, also impossible for the bees to digest, gives them the trots.


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