Here is the recipes people talked about at the abf meeting.

Liquid 1st
1 pint tea tree oil
1 pint camphor white
1/2 pint of orange sweet
3 pint eucalyphus
1 pint plus 1/4 cup lemongrass
1 pint of peppermint or wintergreen

crystal 2nd need to crush fine or make liquid
1 pint menthol crystals
13 pint of thymol crystals

all of the above can be puchased from the lebermuth company inc

25 lbs of powdered sugar

sugar 3rd
50 lbs of granulated sugar

grease 4th
25 lb crisco cake icing shorting

extras 3 cups citric acid
3cups of mineral salt

They are finding if you mix the grease in before the liquid it is smoother
buy glassine bags from Uline.

feed every 60 days 1lb makes 6 patties to 1lb makes 10 patties.