I'm just getting into raising queens through grafting, at this point just trying to self teach the trade. I've made two attempts at grafting, with pretty dismal success. Ok, I'll say it: 2/30 took, and then 3/40 took. Now I know there are several variables here, and most likely the biggest offender is my lack of experience. What I am struggling with most is getting the larva onto and off the tool. I fear that most times I damage the larva trying to get it off the tool.

But onto the main topic, I have seen several references to priming the queen cell cups with royal jelly, which is said to help float the larva off the grafting tool. Also of course it will help jump start the larva on it's healthy diet.

I'm fishing for input from those with experience on this, and ideally some references on where to purchase good quality, chemical free, royal jelly. Thanks in advance!