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    Question Dry sugar to top bar

    I have tried searching the archives to no avail. Trying to learn about feeding sugar besides as a syrup. Anyone feed dry to their top bars, when and and how? Pros and cons? I have built a couple of top bars for bees coming the end of the month but have to travel for a couple weeks following their arrival and want to make sure they are taken care of.


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    Default Re: Dry sugar to top bar

    The problem with on top of the top bars is that it is outside of the hive. Not sure where you live, but around here spring is about here. Leaving a new top bar hive unattended for a couple weeks right after they are put in a top bar hive is not a good thing. They may pull all the comb the wrong direction.

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    Default Re: Dry sugar to top bar

    If I use dry sugar I put newspaper in the bottom of the hive and put the sugar on it. I use it in Jan. just to make sure they have food until the nectar flows and then I remove it and the paper by this time of year i would not think you would need it but not sure where you are.


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