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    Default Need input on hive Setup!

    Hi, I want to preface this post by saying that I am relatively new to the beekeeping world.

    I am located in southern Ontario, and I am slowly getting prepped for opening my hives in the spring.

    I have 3 hives. I need input on what I should do with them.

    2 of the hives are made up of 3 medium supers.
    1 of the hives is made up of a 1 deep super and 2 medium supers on top.

    This is the way they were wintered. I inherited these hives and I am wondering if it is ok to leave a hive arranged with 3 medium supers.

    I planned on converting the hive with the deep super, by putting another deep super on top (and getting rid of the two medium supers that were previously on it).

    Should I switch all 3 hives to 2 deep supers, and then just use medium supers on top for the honey I am going to harvest?

    Any input on hive setups would be greatly appreciated! Also, does anyone have a ballpark date when beekeeps traditionally 'open' their hives around here (I know it is greatly dependent on weather, but still.. just a ballpark range)

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