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    Default queen cell in michigan

    Hello all,
    Last Thursday I got a call to remove bees from a tree that I guy I know cut down. I tried salvaging as much of the comb as possible, and it seemed there were not too many dead bees so I was hopeful of getting the queen. I inspected today and no queen but there were three queen cells started from the comb I put in there. At this point of the year I don't expect too many drones to be flying and the weather is not going to be ideal for mating flight either. Here is my question. Could I put curler cages around the cells in hopes of banking the virgins for better weather and more of a drone population? Has anyone tried it? The reason I don't want to just buy a queen is that I am trying to improve the genetic stock of my queens and this hive looked really good after a long winter. I check some of my other hives and didn't see any drone comb yet, temps have been quite low for some time but the bees are bringing in nectar. Thanks for any advice.
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    Default Re: queen cell in michigan

    Looks like you are in a better situation than me last year. It is better to put these virgin queens in a nuc box. I don't have many drones flying but the mature hives from other hives around already made for my queens. The good news is they mated 5 days earlier from the queen rearing calendar. When did they snug out to do their mating flight I do not know for sure. But certainly my drones not ready yet. But they are out there though.
    Rather than banking your queens let them fly. I would not bet with the weather this year up and down like a yo-yo. You might get better weather next month so by then they might be over due. With nectar coming in there should be pollen also. Good sign that early spring is finally here in your area. But still cold is normal I think. Can you pull some nucs for them?


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