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    Default splitting while on apivar

    I have two hives that i put on apivar. Bee friend came over to help me move the boxes cause im trying to reduce their workforce before i requeen them (They're evil).. but they're on apivar for mites..

    so my friend said we could further reduce the workforce by splitting them and getting them to make new queens and then requeen them with nice queens from my main yard.. then i would have 4 hives..

    basically wondering about splitting while on apivar..

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    Default Re: splitting while on apivar

    As long as each split has the proper dosage (1 strip/5 frames) and the strip is positioned in the cluster you should be fine.

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    Default Re: splitting while on apivar

    Agree, should not be a problem.

    I do have a question though. Why split let them, let them make queens just to requeen later? Why not add queens when you make the split that would put your hives a month ahead. If you let them make queens its gonna take about a month before the new queens start laying. Just wondering? I like to see how other folks do things.


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