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Apologies - that quote was not from Dan Rather or the video - that was from me. I picked it up from an American article about the issue and just assumed it was correct.
And what is the next part of your original post that you will retract?

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Veteran CBS Anchorman Dan Rather reports on this agricultural disaster, which has not only crippled the almond crop, but destroyed many of the bees which are needed to pollinate apples, blueberries, watermelons, pumpkins etc, right across the country.
If the current almond crop has indeed been "crippled", don't you think the almond growers would know that? Instead, that is not what almond growers are reporting:
Observers are reporting that almonds around the region are developing well under the influence of the generally beneficial weather conditions experienced over the past week. Almonds of all varieties are well into the differentiation process, with three to four sizes visible; the largest of these are breaking free from their jackets while the smallest are being shed from the trees.

Gee, "almonds around the region are developing well" doesn't exactly fit with your theory, does it?