Been reading, I have a couple boxes ready...plan on building a few more here in the next handful of days. I'm curious if most people nail their bars down? is it required/nessicity in this type of hive? (when its not required by law) Simple trick to get your space a guy showed me up here was run a small screw on each end of your bars. either measure or use your spacing tool to get the space, screw in or out as needed, once its set you'll never need a tool again.

Thoughts on starter strips? I have some combs on top bars that are a bit too long (the bars) I thought about stitching a few onto the new warre bars to get a head start and help with guiding combs. I did 'ok' with hair clips last year, though it wasnt steller, I dont have bees everywhere at this point to distract my attention lol. Think it would be worth the effort? I was thinking today I could cut them to fit. it looks like I'll be getting bees the end of the first week of may and I'll likely have to feed into june or possible end of june. I'm not sure if the old comb (some with honey some with dead bees in the comb) would help the new hive out enough to warrent it.

I really need to download the warre book or buy it if I can find it and read it cover to this point short on time any help is appreciated!