We are going to offer a group purchase on VENTILATED Sheriff Style Bee jackets. These are the exact same ones that most companies are selling (Including MannLake). We all buy from the same manufacturer. These will have the same brass YKK zippers and the rubberized inner webbing. I used one of these last summer and I loved it, I'll be using it this summer as well.

A group purchase is when a certain number of people commit to purchasing an item. Once we hit the sales goal we will then contact you to finalize the order, from that point we will place the group purchase with the manufacturer and then once they get to us we will ship. I have convinced the manufacturer to commit to 30 jackets at a discounted price. So we will need to get 30 people commit to buying a ventilated bee jacket. To get on the list for the group purchase please post a response to this thread that you want to be on the group purchase. Please do not post any personal information such as address or phone number. We will send a link to our website for the group purchase once we reach 30. Mannlake has them for $109, others have them for upwards in the $125 to $150 range. Lets all save some $$ and get a really nice jacket in the process!

Price $89.00 ANY SIZE and shipped free anywhere in USA mainland.