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    Default the hive was not queenless l was clueless

    l looked at one of my strongest hives, no honey, no brood lots of bees and no marked queen! So l hurried back to the house, 10 mile round trip. Brought 2 frames of brood and put them in hoping for a few q cells to harvest went back 13 days later. Lots of uncapped brood, no q cells? Then l opened the hive l took the brood from, 20 plus queen cells! The marked queen was on those frames of brood and the virgin either killed her then mated or the marked queen swarmed. That is why there was no capped brood in that hive

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    Default Re: the hive was not queenless l was clueless

    When you transfer frame of brood from one hive to another you need to shake all the bees off first.
    Apart from the risk of transferring the queen the bees usually fight and you will end up with a load of dead bees.

    At least you have a load of queen cells now!

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    Default Re: the hive was not queenless l was clueless

    I move frames of brood/bees around all the time - no fighting. None at all. The only way for me to be SURE that the queen is not on any given frame is to first find the frame that she is on. Short of that, it's gonna happen sometimes.
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