I'm still going to harp on the Neonics. In the linked article, I look at the classic Bayer study that proved imidacloprid was safe for bees. I think it said something else...


Here in Eugene this year, we are getting a beautiful early spring. I live pretty much in town where I used to keep bees before they all died. This spring there is hardly a bee to be found in the city. It's much better as you get out of town. In 2010 Ortho started selling Imidicloprid laced products in earnest to all of the big box retailers. Before that, much of their imidacloprid product was aimed at landscapers rather than the general public. Ortho has always had more market share than Bayer. I'm guessing that the advent of Ortho imidacloprid products that can be purchased at the checkout counter in every garden center and big-box retailer has really increase the poison load in the city. I'm looking for other observers out there. What is happening this spring to town bees versus country bees?

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