I am having a lot of trouble with my honey crystallizing rapidly. Once I extract and put into 3-5 gallon buckets or into jars, it hardens immediately within days. I have tried heating to about 103 in hot tub, putting into oven at lowest temp I can, and just yesterday tried a friends bucket heater. None of this works great. Hot tub method re-crystallizes soon, oven method and bucket heater browns the honey.

I sell my honey as raw and explain crystallization is normal and unheated honey saves benefits we all want. I am trying to find a happy medium for my processing to keep the honey liquid, natural looking, and retain benefits.

Is there a source of information on how to process and what methods will affect honey in particular ways. i.e. heating too much or too long browns it or certain methods and repetitions of filtration will have certain affects?

I see all sorts of local beeks selling their honey as raw but never see any hint of crystallization. Either they are not truthful or their methods are working better than mine.

Thanks in advance.