The "post your swarm/bloom" threads are nice and all, but they are getting rather unwieldy. I realize they were originally being used by someone to map them, but that appears to be defunct. So I've taken it upon myself to setup a couple of simple Google pages to collect the data and map it.


Here is the link to a submission page. It simply asks for a location, and the date. You can optionally add a comment. The location field will accept any text: Zip code, City and State, or full address. The more information provided, the more accurate the resulting map will be. If you do not wish to share the full street address (for obvious reasons), a zip code generally works better than a city name.

This spreadsheet shows the resulting data.

This map shows the plot of the data.

It doesn't do anything fancy, like color code the plot based on date's, etc., but it should be a little easier to consult than a 90 page thread going back several years.


The functionality is identical.

Raw Data.

I can't promise anything as to how well it will handle the load, or how responsive it will be when there are hundreds of points to map, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.