I installed two new packages 5/11 after varroa wiped me out over the winter. One hive is doing great work with brood on three out of eight deep frames. The other shows no queen activity at all. There is a waiting list for replacement queens, so I swapped a broodless frame from the queenless hive, and inserted a frame from the strong hive with eggs, larvae and some rows of capped brood. I am hoping they will make their own queen. Do you have any suggestions for what I do next? I think I remember reading on this forum that you continue to add a frame of brood weekly until you see evidence of a new queen laying. I hate to continue robbing frames from the strong hive, but I think my only other choice would be to combine the hives and split when (if) a replacement queen is available. I always receive good advice from BeeSource, and appreciate the help.