There was a great resource article here on a step by step approach to grafting queen cells and raising queens. I'd like to do this and cannot find it. It is not
although this one is good too. If I remember it shows more of after the queen cells are grafted into nucs.

What I want to do is try raising around 6 queens in their own nucs for sale or give away this year, possibly starting this weekend from the hive that 'may have' swarmed last weekend. If no queen cells there I'll do a split and look for them from the split. I have other hives I can get brood, pollen and honey frames from. I would like to eventually be a small time local supplier for untreated survivor bees in my area. I did a ton of research last year and unfortunately changed computers and no longer can find that one very useful article.

Any other reading suggestions welcomed too!
thank you!