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    Default Re: What type of extractor?

    Seen you at the meeting Ben, we all thought you were a Maxant sales-rep.

    Maxant do make good extractors, before we upgrade we ran a used 10-frame Maxant for about 15 years. When we expanded we even ran 25,000 lbs through it in a single season, and it still works great though my arm after hand scrapping that many frames does not.

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    Default Re: What type of extractor?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Little View Post
    Maxant 1400p and i love it ! Oh yeah and i wore the T-shirt that they sent me to the NSBA annual meeting in March and i think there was some jealous people there , one asked me if i sell them LOL
    We're one of the largest distributors for Maxant.. and I'm still waiting on my shirt! I have a bunch of hats but no shirt!


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