I am getting 10 hives and wanted to do foundationless frames. I will be using medium frames and I live in East/Central Texas (Leon County to be exact). It can get quite hot here in the summer, some days between 105 and 110 degrees, although 110 is only a couple days in the summer whereas 105 is sometimes the norm in August. I know that if it is this hot that I will have to put my hives in the shade where it might be 10 degrees cooler. I am concerned about the combs collapsing in the heat and if I needed to put wires in the frames to act as support, but if possible I would rather not have this because it would get in the way with harvesting. Also, if I do have to put wires in the frames, how many and what direction, so that I can make harvesting easy as possible and not a burden. I have a nice area with a lot of trees by a medium sized pond that I could use as shade for them.