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    Big Grin i am building a top bar hive so got a few questions

    okay i am build a top bar hive from old pallets got a few questions one i don't have 1/8 hardware cloth instead i got 1/4 could i just put two layers and make the second layer of a bit to make it 1/8 two does anybody know how to build a smoker three does anybody know how to make a bee suit i already know how to make a veil four how to i get the word out that i will get "honeybee" swarms out of peoples yards five and final one i read something about when you first put in a swarm you put a false back in your tbh could someone cover that for me? thanks sorry if this is long winded

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    Default Re: i am building a top bar hive so got a few questions

    most of your questions can be answered by checking out other posts on this forum

    The bigger question is is why would you need to make your own Beesuit. You could use painters pants and a long sleeve shirt with a veil to do almost the same thing. For the minor cost that a smoker is, and the reliability that's gained by getting a prebuilt one, I don't know what you are saving by making your own.

    A Google search might yeild

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    Default Re: i am building a top bar hive so got a few questions

    McCartney Taylor on youtube has a video showing his home made smoker. He keeps top bar hives so it has good info for a top bar beekeeper. His home made one works, but I would spend the money on a commercial one. I don't know if he has a video showing how he made it, but I'm sure that you could figure out how it is made by looking at it.

    As far as the hardware cloth, you could pick up some of the cloth that is used for gutters if you are trying to make a screened bottom board, it seems like it is the same size and very inexpensive. Or just use a solid bottom board.

    By a decent veil. Your vision is worth the $20 for a Dadant folding veil.

    Yes, when you put in a swarm or package you want a smaller space and you need to close up the bottom if you have a screened bottom board. Depends on the size of the hive, but probably something between 8 to 12 bars is probably big enough. Give them more space as they need it, but not too much.


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