I would like to introduce myself my name is Jason I'm a newb to beekeeping it has taken me by swarm I have just started into beekeeping I have had one hive for a year collected two from houses that was not wanted received 2 fully stocked hives from a neighbor who did not want them anymore just received 2 packages and will be picking up two nucs in June so I am on a roll started making my own boxes,feeders,nuc boxes and one day will tackle the frames just to save some money cause its all about savings anymore . All started with my father being diagnosed with cancer and with the Internet reading some interesting things about sugar and cancer so this is how I was turned onto honey,bees,pollination and such have lurked on beesource a couple times before and have just now signed up hope for some help in the future and maybe be able to help other in return hope to get to know a lot of folks and swap stories thanks for such a informative site :