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    Default New Beekeeper Question About Queens

    After over 30 years I am getting back into Bees here in Newton, NC. I have a new hive (one week). Package installed, queen cage removed, using a top feeder. Today, while watching the bees, I saw a very large bee land on the board and enter the hive. Could this be just a big bee or a 'wild' queen? Could I have a problem brewing? also, I noticed that very few bees are landing loaded down with nectar. Of course, there are not many flowers around now. We do have Bradford Pear Trees around.

    Comments appreciated.


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    Default Re: New Beekeeper Question About Queens

    i'm guessing you probably saw a drone coming in. they are much bigger than the workers, have big eyes, and a squared off butt. they also make a louder buzzing sound when they fly.

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