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    Default caged before the move!

    Hi my name is chris and im new to the forum. My question is the other day I had trapped and caged my queen due to an eminent swarm. I chose to do this because I have read once they gear up for swarming they rarely give up. Is that true? Even if extra room was givin, for instance I split them. I also kept her caged for a day then put her in another split where she never originally came from. What are the consequences of putting her into another split? Could I have split the 10 frame in half and expect her to stay after I took all the cells out and replaced the hive with a combination of drawn out and bare platicell?

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    Default Re: caged before the move!

    I'm not sure I completely understand what you did. But, I'll try to answer. Yes, it is true that once they decide to swarm it is hard to stop them. Even if you knock all the swarm cells down they may still swarm. So splitting was a good move. But, it is normally better to move the old queen with a couple frames of bees into the split. This simulates a swarm and if you moved enough bees to releave the crowding it will help with swarming. Leave the swarm cells in the original hive so they will still have a queen.

    If you moved your caged queen into another queenless split it should be fine as long as you go through a slow release to give the bees time to get use to her. Its the same anytime you move a queen into a hive with bees that are not use to her.


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