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    Default Re: Found my first Feral Hive Today

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleo C. Hogan Jr View Post
    Providence Hills,... Send me an e-mail, and I will send you the info.
    I can't attach the info on this forum.

    Yes it is easy to make your own trap.

    Thanks, Cleo, will e-mail you by address now. Luke 6:38

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    Default Re: Found my first Feral Hive Today

    That's not my blog, just to set things straight. I do have a blog but haven't posted anything there about my trap-out yet.

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    Default Re: Found my first Feral Hive Today

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoot Owl Lane Bees View Post
    The first video shows the first setup. The second one is the best way to do it. The third explains how it works. We videoed the swap out but 20 min. is longer than you tub will allow.
    Someplace inside your account pages, settings or other pages for youtube options is a box you can check which automatically asks youtube for their permission to post longer videos. I looked, but can't find the exact link, but it is there somewhere. I used it and its as easy as clicking a check box (circle if I remember right) and I got a response and permission very quickly after posting only one or two uploads. There's nothing to getting permission other than finding the place on your account pages or settings and clicking the little circle.

    Let's turn it around
    America Bless God

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