I have been trying to locate this Feral hive since last May when they swarmed over my house. We put sugar water out when ever it got warm over the winter, some days they would hit it when it was only 45% out. I even marked several to time them so I knew they weren't over 3/4 mile away.

Well it finely warmed up longer than 2 day's and I put out some hanging feeder's with a piece of comb. I put about 5 miles on the 4 Wheeler since 2:30 today traveling from ridge to ridge. After taking compass readings on were they were flying I transferred the headings to a map from Goggle Earth. So I had a good idea were they were. I went to the spot on my map and after listening and checking any tree of good size I was able to locate them. They are about 10' up coming out of a knot hole about 2". They are on my new neighbors property. (I just met them Friday evening they didn't know we were up here.) About a 1/2 mile away how the crow flies but about 1 1/2 driving by driveway's and road. They have given me permission to harvest them.I don't have any bees yet but I am getting 3 nukes started in my boxes by a fellow club member.

I need to know if it is to soon to set up my Cleo Hogan Jr. trap? We don't have any trees in bloom yet but they may be tomorrow. We have lots of red buds and Oak getting ready to pop. I am located in the Nat. Forest so all we have is trees and more trees.

Now I can start looking for the other 2 that have been hitting my feeders.