I've got a second year hive that started as a nuc last spring. First week of march we saw the smears on the front of the box and landing board that looks like the other pics of dysentery I've seen. We got some fumagillin b and by the recommendations from our club we sprayed the bees with sugar fuma mix. It took about a quart to get them drenched. The reason we sprayed was the temp was expected to drop quickly to freezing and wanted them to get the dosage as soon as possible. The temps dropped and it was well over a week before we could drench them again. Of course the temp dropped again. The temp got high enough to feed them Friday and we put half a gallon on and it was gone by Saturday afternoon. I was hoping to put more on today but it was a afraid that it would get too cold. What is the recommended treatment after a problem is suspected? I've got the preventative dosage so that isn't needed. Thanks