Was out feeding our two hives yesterday. We have had them for two weeks total now, got them as nucs and put them into full-frame boxes 14 days ago. As I was feeding them, our club president and seller of the nucs, happened to drive by. He agreed that one colony looks great. Drawing out the foundation nicely - this is our first year, so we are starting from scratch. Hopefully we should get a super of honey off them this year - my wife has aptly named them Honey House Mamas.

We started looking in the second hive and he was immediately concerned. Very little of the new foundation had been drawn. Both top and bottom boxes (we are running ten-frame mediums) had supercedure cells everywhere! Couldn't find the queen, but there is a lot of larva in every stage and capped brood, so she is in there. Either she got slightly damaged in the move or they just don't like her.

After apologizing and offering to replace the nuc, we talked about other options. He had another bottom board and outer cover in his truck, so we just moved one of the boxes over and started a third hive. Both have queen cells. One has the laying queen, but she will likely be superceded. Neither will likely make honey, but now we have three colonies. He will come back in two weeks and we will make sure everything is going smoothly and hopefully find and mark the queens.

I look at this as a learning experience. Some honey would be nice the first year, but I know they are using a lot of resources to build up. I just didn't expect to get into splits, new queens, etc... in our first month!

My wife had named that hive Queens of Eden. Again, an apt name, as there were queen cells everywhere.