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    Default Assembling Warré hive boxes

    To make the boxes I use a screw clamp and a right angle clamp.

    The right angle clamp ensures the corner to be right angle. A pretty useful tool.

    With this method I build up to 120 boxes per day. Sufficient rock music, coffee and chocolate provided.

    I use the Gatineau wood joints as shown in the pictures below. He uses a rebate all around three sides: left, right and upper (as a frame rest). The rebate has the size of the wall thickness.

    This sort of joint produces a strong connection between the walls. With Warré boxes with nailed topbars the use of those rebates are not necessary. Because the nailed topbars stabilizes the box. But the joint Gatineau uses has another advantage: it hides the facewood which provides protection against rotting and weather.

    A short video on how I assemble a box:

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    Default Re: Assembling Warré hive boxes

    I use an handle assembly jig to position and screw the handles. Works like a charm.

    It's a small board measuring 11,5 cm by 35 cm (varies with hive wall thickness). It has a small wooden batten which works as a catch. The slat is 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm x 35 cm. (for Gatineau-hive boxes. 21,5 cm height, about 0,5 cm higher than the original Warré box. Beespace! You might be adjusted to your box dimensions.)

    The jig is placed on the box at the side which is the upper side.

    A handhold is placed against the jig. The handle has sloped sides to prevent rain from collecting on the handle. And you get a better grip.

    Use a clamp to hold the jig.

    Put glue on the bottom of the handle.

    Flip over and screw.

    See video of the process.

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    Default Re: Assembling Warré hive boxes

    An alternative for lashing straps are spring steel clips which connect the hive boxes to each other. An advantage over the lashing straps is, that you leave some boxes connected while splitting others.

    You are still able to use a flat propolis grid or excluder in between the boxes.

    Did some measuring to ensure the clip screws are on the same positions on every box to be able to interchange boxes. I transfered the measures onto the jig I use for the handles.

    With the help of the jig the screws can be positioned exactly.

    It is difficult to open the clips by hand, but if you use your hive tool it is easy. Just push it down with the hive tool and it springs open.

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    Default Re: Assembling Warré hive boxes

    Very Cool!

    What are you using for the bar spacer? It looks like a galvanized piece of flashing???

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    Default Re: Assembling Warré hive boxes

    You can buy them precut here. See:

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    Default Re: Assembling Warré hive boxes

    Quite the assembly process. How many warre are you managing versus selling boxes?

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    Default Re: Assembling Warré hive boxes

    I don't sell boxes. Use them all myself.


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