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    Default Sharing nurse bees for split?

    I made a split from a strong hive that is a little young. Can I borrow some nurse bees from a monster huge hive I have? Picturing just shaking them in. Will this work or cause too much fighting?

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    Default Re: Sharing nurse bees for split?

    As long as you gently shake brood frames. It is more of a vibrating wiggle; and know absolutely that you are not shaking the queen off, it is a great idea. They won't fight at all.

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    Default Re: Sharing nurse bees for split?

    I shake bees right at the entrance. Any older bees fly back to the donor hive and the nurse bees walk right in. Works great.

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    Default Re: Sharing nurse bees for split?

    I'm getting ready to do this today. But just in case I overlook a queen (I don't want to lose any of them in my small apiary), I'm going to put a queen excluder on top of the hive getting the bee boost. Then I'll add an empty super on top and shake those nurse bees off. If I goofed and got the queen, she can't get through and I can catch her and return her to her original colony.

    I'm interested in the "vibrating wiggle", Vance. Can you explain? I've always just shaken with sharp motions several times as I've seen other mentors do. But I always end up with a cloud of bees everywhere. Or would it be gentler on the bees to use a bee brush instead (I'll be replacing my brush with a turkey feather fairly soon).


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