Hello all, I am from Oregon and we have been having some really nice weather lately, so I was able to do my first complete hive inspection yesterday.. I went through every frame and clened them all up. There were only 2 frames of brood a few empty drawn frames, some pollen, and lots of honey. In fact I was really surprised to see so much honey but I remembered i had put on some thick sugar syrup about a month ago.
I reconfigured my 2 boxes so the queen and brood would be in the bottom box, with a few empty drawn frames, some pollen and honey. The rest of the frames were all honey so I put them in the top box and now the top box is about 95% capped honey.
So here is my question....my worry is that there wont be enough empty frames for the queen to lay eggs in and raise brood. Should I pull out a few of the honey frames and replace them with empty frames so the queen will have more space to lay eggs? I also saw today in an article that some people put on supers very early to try to catch the maple flow. Should I super because my top box is already full of honey or try to make more room for brood? I also put on a home made pollen patty because the older one i had on there dried out. How do you keep them from drying out??

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated...sorry this is so long winded.