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    Ok, my bees survived the winter. I have all kinds of cross comb on the bars. I left them last year because winter was coming. Do I try and straighten them out now by removing the comb and all? Basically starting over this spring by removing about half of the comb? Or do I try to reattach comb using clips for half the hive?

    My thinking is that I should just leave the one end where most of the brood was last year (it was all cross combed too.) as not to disturb them too much.

    If I do remove the old comb, can I use the comb for wax?

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    Just gently cut the ends free of the bar and bend into line if its not too bad. Use a big rubber band or cotton thread to secure it in place. If it's really bad you might have to cut things up and secure in place as best you can. Work fast with the brood nest to minimize chilling etc.

    If you do decide to remove the worst of it, extract the honey and melt the wax, leaving comb on the bottom of the hive to be reused doesn't work and just gives SHB and wax moth a place to hide.

    The big caveat with this is I'm a first year beek with two TBH, both going strong with no cross combing though brace comb is driving me mad ATM!


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