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    Default Hello again from Memphis!

    My first venture into bees was short lived due to 2 inexperienced keepers (myself and the guy I bought them from). I bought what ended up as a partial swarm that didn't make it.

    I installed 2 packages Saturday morning before the rain hit, talk about an exciting, nerve tweaking experience! I started each out with 2 jars of sugar water and was finally able to check supplies this morning after working since the install. One hive blasted through a jar while the other had 1/4 gone. It's their first warm day in a new house and it is amazing to watch them come and go, I even saw a few bringing back a little pollen.

    I've read about 1/2 of Michael Bush's 3 volume book, numerous websites and watched several videos. I only have enough knowledge to be dangerous. LOL I saw a dozen or so bees fanning the entrance and thought "What, it's only 60*, you can't be too warm already." Back to the searches.

    Work and vacation has kept me from the local meetings this year, hopefully I can hit them soon.

    Sorry for being so long-winded, just got in from watching the ladies fly about and still excited!

    Addition: I checked and one queen's candy was completely gone and she was out of the box. There were some dead workers in the second and there was still candy in it so I pulled the cork. When she didn't immediately walk out, I placed the box back in the hive with the new open end down. I'll do a quick spot check in a couple hours to make sure she's out. After that it will be an exercise in will power to give them a few more days to get settled before I start snooping.
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    Default Re: Hello again from Memphis!

    Welcome back!

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    Default Re: Hello again from Memphis!

    Welcome back to the site!

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