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    hello I live in Wisconsin. I have two top bar hives and I had someone suggest that I had to stake them down to the ground or else they would tip over from the wind. I can post a picture when I have a chance but the legs are quite spread apart and the hives themselves don't seem to offer much wind resistance given the side profile.

    How many of you actually tie yours down?

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    Brett, just put a cinder block on top or a couple of bricks. They'll be fine.

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    I've set out two hives for the first time last weekend. Last year we had some pretty strong storms that broke trees on our property, so I decided to go ahead and tie them down.

    I went with tie-down points that I bought at Tractor Supply in their trailer section and a ratcheting cargo strap. You can see a photo of one of the hives in this thread.

    I decided that it was cheap insurance. Only takes a moment to loosen up to get access, and then to tighten back up when done.



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